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How old do I have to be to sell material?

  • 18 years old
Can I use someone else’s ID or Scrap ID card?
  • No
What is required to sell material?
  • A valid government issued photo ID and any vehicle with a valid license plate (only exception is aluminum beverage cans – no ID or vehicle is required)
Can I cut a catalytic converter off my car and sell it?
  • No. Catalytic converters are considered “restricted” material. Refer to restricted material information.
Do aluminum beverage can tabs pay more than cans?
  • No
Do I have to do anything to a water heater before recycling?
  • Yes, remove the valve
Do you close for lunch?
  • No
Do you close when it’s raining?
  • No
Do I have to remove the Freon before recycling materials?
  • Yes
Do I have to have “paperwork” for a window a/c?
  • No
Do you accept chain link fence?
  • Yes, but it cannot be any larger than 4’ (w) x 4’ (h)
I don’t know what kind of material I have, can someone help me?
  • Yes, if you’re not a veteran recycler, our staff is very educated on material classifications and will help you sort your material.
Can someone help me unload my material when I get there?
  • Yes, our staff will assist customers in unloading all of your material if necessary.
Do your prices change daily?
  • Not necessarily. We watch the metal market daily to ensure we give our customer the most money possible for their materials and make price adjustments when we deem necessary.
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